Classic Vehicle Event listing for the South of the UK

2017 will is its sixth year and has been averaging 3000actual visits to the Web site per month in 2016, with over 1400 Classic Vehicle events!

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What is it? ... It is an annual Classic Vehicle event directory on line, covering the Southern Counties of England and South Wales below the line drawn from the Wash to Aberystwyth, and contains month-by-month listings of classic and historic vehicle events.

car show 9.6.12 

Bishops Waltham Show 2012

  It is maintained by Bishops Waltham Rotary Club and any profits will go to Rotary Charities.


  Classic Owner or interested onlooker;

  You will have immediate access to events in the Southern Counties of the UK and plan      ahead for classic car shows and other historic vehicle events you would like to attend  during the year.

  Events of interest;

 The yearbook lists many more events than many other publications .

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Listed FREE OF CHARGE you can also Promote your event or services through display advertising at reasonable rates 

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